Tourmalynx Platon

father : IC Morty Viktoria Pride, CZ

mother: Dana Anaverina

born : 27.12.2015.

colour : blue

Past litters of Platon 

Current litters of Platon


Be*Kanye West Of Tree Hill


father: Americanlynx Uduray

mother: Anika Of Tree Hill


colour: Black

Past litter from Kanye

Current litter of Kenji



Felis Admiranda Gigolo

born : 09.03.2018.

Colour : Blue Classic tabby

father: IC Top Coon Ayron

mother : Felis Admiranda Wood Shadow

Past litters of Gigolo

Current litter of Gigolo



Felis Admiranda Mišo

father:Felis Admiranda Coccaine

mother: Felis Admiranda Witch Of Grich

born: 29.04.2019.

colour: red classic tabby bicolor

Current litter of Mišo



Felis Admiranda V'Grom


father: IC Top Coon Ayron

mother: IP/IC Felis Admiranda Bastilla

born: 10.08.2015.

colour: black silver classic tabby

current litter of Gromy









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