In next few pages you will meet our unforgoten , our always here in our hearts .... our dear Maine Coons who was part of our family ...thay was too short with us , but always are and always will be in our thoughts and memories ...


In our hearts we also  keep the memories  on all our Maine Coons which loose their battle for life as very young or  small kittens.

In our hearts also are  all our house cats… there was so many , many of them…  Šuga, Gina, Duda, Sindi, Pikica, Žučko, Žućo, Žuti, Uška,  Tigrić, Šara, Lisa and all cats and kitties which didn't have names but they were in one moment with us… pretty or less pretty… with all four legs, or without one leg… with healthy eyes or without eyes… with tail or without tail… deaf or blind… we still miss you a lot…and have you in our hearts

Those special memories what we have on all of you will always bring us a smile,
if only we could have you back for a just a little while.

Then we could sit and ,,talk'' again just like we used to do.
All of you always meant so much to us and always will too.

The fact you're no longer here will always couse us pain
but all of you're in our hearts until we don't meet again...

Our sunshines, days will pass and turn into a years...
But we will always remember all of you with silent tears...

You see , there are special moments in our lifes that we will remember..
Not because sky fell on land;
Not because Gosh sent us a message;
But because all of you were there...

Even if we can't be together in the end ,
We are glad that all of you were part of our lifes...
We loved all of you yesterday , we love all of you still and we always will.

P.S. This text is wroted by our amazing Lucija (she is only 13 years old!!!!)









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