Be*Kanye West Of Tree Hill


11.08.2015. - 02.11.2020.

father: Americanlynx Uduray

mother: Anika Of Tree Hill

colour: Black

Past litter from Kanye


CH Felis Admiranda V'Bomber Girl


10.07.2015. - 08.10.2020.

color: Black Spotted Tabby/White

father: Felis Admiranda Coccaine

mother: SC Felis Admiranda Al K'Aida

Past kittens from Bomba




Felis Admiranda Bastet

08.06.2012. 10.05.2020.

colour: Black Torbie Classic

father: IP/SC Felis Admiranda Eros DVM

mother: NW'15 IP/GIC Tajcoon Dakota



Past litter from Bastet


IC  Top Coon Ayron

08.08.2012. - 13.01.2020.

father: Top Coon Dimitri  

mother : Diva Silvi-Cola

colour :Red Classic Tabby

Past Litters from Ayron



SC Felis Admiranda Al K'Aida

09.12.2013.- 02.10.2019.

father: SC Felis Admiranda Best Boss Jr

mother: Felis Admiranda Bastet

color: Black Silver Spotted Torbie

Past litters from Al K'Aida


Felis Admiranda Coccaine - Cocci

12.08.2011. - 03.07.2019.

father: CH Top Coon Best Boss     

mother : GIC Tajcoon Dakota

colour :Black Silver Classic Tabby/White

Past Litters from Coccaine


Felis Admiranda Act Of God - Božica

05.08.2013. - 13.12.2018.

father:   CH Top Coon Best Boss     

   mother : NW '15 GIP GIC Tajcoon Dakota

color: Black Silver Classic Tabby/White

Past litters from Božica


SC Felis Admiranda Best Boss Jr

Baby / Junior

03.01.2012. - 06.07.2018.

father:    CH Top Coon Best Boss     

mother : IC Multicoon LeeLoo

colour :Black Smoke

Past Litters from Best Boss Jr



IC Multicoon LeeLoo - Himalaja

08.03.2008. - 15.06.2017.

father:  SC Savincoon IronMan  

   mother : Multicoon Fortuna

colour :Black Silver Spotted Torbie



Past Litters from Himalaja




CH Top Coon Best Boss

05.03.2009. - 11.01.2016.

Father: Top Coon Nando

Mother: Fergia Cat Cabaret


Litters from Boss



CH Mainefield's Graham Green

08.11.2006. -18.05.2015.

Father: Summerplace Jackson

Mother: Allure's Indiana


Litters from Oscar




CH Felis Admiranda Brunhilda

25.09.2012. - 30.10.2014.

Father:IP/SC Felis Admiranda Erod DVM

Mother. GIC Felis Admiranda Cuba


Litter from Brunhilda 



Felis Admiranda Chipazuwa

02.05.2011. - 25.10.2012.

Father : CH Top Conn Best Boss

Mother: GIP/SC Felis Admiranda Ezra
















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