Everyone who know you, know your life story ...

When I saw you, 7 years ago ... my heart was broken of the sadness ...

your former owner (not breeder)  let you to live in an empty room with an aggressive male who gives you many stressful moments...

when I wanted to come near you , you were afraid of human hands ... you didn’t know to walk except along the wall ... you didn’t know how to eat from bowel…she didn’t take good care of you and you were deaf on one ear ... in your eyes there was empty look, fear and panic ...
When I first time take you in my arms … Until the yours last breath in my arms… I was love you with all my heart …

You were my special friend , my proud … my love …We was spend lot of funny time , lot of happy time , lot of time filled with pure love … Through years you develop best strategy how to steel kitten food, how to say me yes when I said you no, how to choose smallest box in our home for your nap, how to find ray of sun, how to yell on us when in your bowel food miss just few dry flakes.. You finally gain confidence in humans… And you showed it to us…
I know … all the time which we spent together you were happy, really happy cat was always showed me that … Thank you, my friend, for every moment ... I will always remember your dear little head on my pillow or on my palm ... your paw on my hand ... your eyes that have always followed me ...I love you and will miss you ...

Go now, my friend, run free behind rainbow. Get your ray of sunshine and enjoy it ...
Our Oscar develop HCM in last few months…

In his regular check in november 2014 everything was fine, but unfortunatly this april he showed first signs. He used drugs and treatment but tonight he had heart attack and we couldn’t do anything…

As it was usual, we watch TV in our living room together, and when I came to my bed, he went with me… but first, I usually left cats to drink fresh water from our faucets in bathrooms… He was already there, with all our cats, but in just one moment, one second he fall down and it was over…
Once again I would like to thank dr. Ćirić and dr. Ćosevska and whole
Veterinarska ambulanta Vet Point team for doing such a many things for him.
Dear friends, I would like to remind you that every day with your cats is special, give them many love and care. You choose them, they didn’t choose you. They love us unconditionally, so it’s fair from us give them at least as they gave to us.




7 x FIFe Shows

7 X Excellent 1 ; 3 x CAC ; 2 X CACIB

1 X Best in Vatiery

Summerplace Jackson ,

n 22

Shanty's Hijacker , d 22 Shanty's  Blackout Bounty ,

n 22

E. Ch. Hopeless tribes Hurricane Cooler (WW'00), n 23 09
Mountaineer's Queen Victoria , n 22
Glowcoon's  Ballerina , g 22 Willowplace Paladin , n 22
Cozy Farm Whitney Houston , 22
Summerplace Xandra , n 22 Shirkan of Summerplace , a 22 Ch. Hilside Major McCheese , n 22
Proud  Mary's  Ginger , ns 22
Summerplace Virginia ,n 22 Ch. Wichcats  Sergeant  Pepper , as
Qeeeny  of Summerplace , n 22
Allure's Indiana , a E. Ch. Pahokee's  Joshua  Tree , a 23 Pahokee's Purple-Rain , a Tara's Wolf-Maine , a
Tara's Black Mamba , n
Willowplace Roxanne , ns 22 Int. Ch. St. Clouds Silverado of Willowplace , ns 22
Willowplace Legendary Fascimile , n 22
Woodshadows Fire and Ice ,

ds 22

Ch. Lennox of Woodshadow , 22 Gt. Int. Ch. Monashees  Wizard Jac , n 22
Ch. Monashees First Impression , g 22
Ch. Macavity Merilyn , ds 22 Gt. Int. Ch. Macavity Calypso , d 22 09
Ch. Mama - Walker's  Bal -Astra ,


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