Felis Admiranda Waka Waka

born : 08.09.2017.

Colour : black

Father : CH Be*Kanye West Of Tree Hill

Mother : Felis Admiranda Veritas

Past babies of Waka 

Current litter of Waka


Felis Admiranda Witch Of Grich "Grička"

Born : 10.04.2017.

Colour: Black Classic Torbie

Father : CH Be*Kanye West Of Tree Hill

Mother: SC Felis Admiranda Al K'Aida

Past  litters of  Gricka

Current litter of Gricka



Felis Admiranda Goya

"Goya Nevoljo Moja"

father: Felis Admiranda Coccaine

mother: Felis Admiranda Witch Of Grich

born: 30.05.2018.

colour: black classic torbie / white

Past litters of Goya

Current litter of Goya


Felis Admiranda Zira


father: IC Top Coon Ayron  

mother : NW'15 GIP GIC Tajcoon Dakota

color: Black Classic Torbie/White

Zira's past litters

Current litter of Zira



Felis Admiranda Madrona


father: IC Top Coon Ayron

mother: Felis AdmirandaV'Bomber Girl

Born : 28.01.2019.

Colour: black tortie











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