Father : CH BE*Kanye West Of Tree Hill

Mother : Felis Admiranda Veritas

Born : 09.04.2019.


Before few years, when we was looking for our new male, we made a plan. Mating between As Poison and Kanye West, and mating between Cuba and Kanye West. In our head, this was dream combinations. Of course, our cats decide different ;)  Kanye is not in love with our As Poison, he thinks she is too fat for him. He is not in love with Cuba, also.. he thinks she is too old for him. That's way we need to find another way how to made our dream come true.. answer is in our Veritas, young , beautiful lady ... she is daughter of As Poison/grandaughter of  Cuba... well, Kanye didn't like her too, it was only one jump in mating, but for us enough.                                  Please welcome our amazing little girl Mata Hari.. she stays with us as our future breeding girl.

Mata Hari Black Classic Torbie Pictures

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