father: Tourmalynx Platon

mother :Felis Admiranda Mirabilis

born: 24.07.2020.


Time to move one step further in breeding and present you our impressive 8th generation. I think that almost all our cats are in this pedigree ;) How not to be happy, optimistic and proud. Every baby reminds us on some ancestor, brings back some habbits or moments which were precious for us. Somehow, this litter is memory on old days. That's way kittens got names from cartoons, also memory on some good old days when Lucija was child and we were ¨forced¨ to watch them.

Pongo Red Classic Tabby Pictures
Profesor Baltazar Red Silver Classic Tabby/white Pictures
Papa Smurf Red Silver Mackerel Tabby Pictures
Perdita Black Mackerel Torbie Pictures



Every kitten has its own album with many many pictures on our Facebook page ˝Felis Admiranda˝,

visit and take a look :)









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