father : IC Top Coon Ayron

mother: Felis Admiranda Goya

Born : 26.02.202.


This litter brings tears and happines at the same time. This is last litter of our beloved Ayron. Totally not expected, we lost him suddenly in just few days,before we confirm pregnancy of Goya. He was always so quick in mating and so many times he find a way how to mate girls. This litter wasn't planned at that moment. It was ups litter. I will never forget that day, Ayron opened by himself room where was girls which was in heat.I saw he mate Goya. and we hope that in one jump she will not stay pregnant.We wanted that mating , but latter this year after Goya will have  longer pause beetween litters. But seems that Ayron knew what is waiting for us. And give us amazing present .In our sadness the confirmation of Goya's pregnancy was  proof that life has its own ways, God's providence is powerful and magical at the same time.
Now, we are more than happy that this mating happened, in this two little miracles we find a blessing and hope . They are living memory on our beloved boy.  Of course, both babies will stay with us.

Meet our  precious brother and sister ...

Para Siempre Red classic tabby with white Pictures
Providence Red classic  tabby Pictures


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