Father :Be*Kanye West Of Tree Hill

Mother: Felis Admiranda Madrona

Born: 04.04.2020.

Even though those colors are  total  out in todays MCO world , this litter is  for us ... The dream become true . This babies are  excatly   our taste .  Long time planed , whished ... and finally we have combination of this parents who are special in many ways for us. Daddy is one and only  Kenji who give to his babies strong body, beautiful head,character, many smart ideas and opsession for pasta ;) Mummy is our  big love and pride, young lady , the daughter of our amazing V'Bomber Girl and our beloved Ayron ... the cats who give us many, many wonderful and adorable babies ... As babies are born in lock down period because COVID-19 , and we had more time for watching movies , the names of babies are inspired with names of some movie...

Meet our  amazing solid babies ...

P.S.I Love You Black Tortie Pictures
People Will Talk Black Tortie Pictures
Perhaps Love Black Tortie Pictures
Pick Up Your Troubles Black Pictures
Piece Of Cake Black Tortie Pictures
Pride And Prejudice Black Pictures
Pulp Fiction Red Pictures


Every kitten has its own album with many many pictures on our Facebook page ˝Felis Admiranda˝,

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