fatherFelis Admiranda V'Grom

mother :Felis Admiranda Una Mariposa

born: 14.06.2020.


That old, wild, dark look of our Gromy and Marica is really impressive. They both look like shadows from wood, like wild cats, with typical lynx look. Today is very modern to have Maine Coons with light colors and sweet look, but since always we are funs of darks. Classical colors are those which we prefer the most. This was reason number one why we mate those two. But, of course, not the main ;) Marica is very loud girl and she knows how much we adore her. She will answer on our every voice. Gromy is the most gentle giant we ever had. Maybe he looks like he will kill you, but actually he wanna give you a big kiss and cuddle. Also, Gromy is blood related with almost all our females, so we need to take this rare chance to get his babies, grandchilds of Bastilla and grandgrandchilds our legendary Eros. Please welcome babies from our unique mating

Part-Time Lover Black Mackarel tabby Pictures
Personal Bodyguard Black Pictures
Perfect Alibi Black Mackarel tabby Pictures


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