father: Felis Admiranda Mišo

mother :Felis Admiranda Madrona

born: 19.11.2020.

That moment when you don't look for litteraly few seconds on your young boy Miso, and he is smarter and faster than slow and old me.. and he knows how to take his chance…  Although I was hoping that Ines, Marija and Lucija will never find out what happen, my secret was revealed  by  Madrona's belly  which was every day a bigger and bigger and bigger. .Please welcome our "ups litter" . Beauty, character, standard.. they have it all.. it is so true that best things comes so unexpectedly and not planed. After all , I must admit that this is one of my favorite litter ever . Girls got names by famous dances and boys by famous operas.

Pachanga Red Classic Tabby Pictures
Papageno Red Classic Tabby Pictures
Parada Black Classic Torbie/White Pictures
Pasadena Red Classic Tabby/White Pictures
Pelagio Black Classic Tabby/White Pictures
Polka Red Classic Tabby Pictures
Porin Black Classic Tabby/White Pictures
Puss In Boots Red Classic Tabby/white Pictures








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